Version control: From svn to git

Yesterday I played around with git-svn because git will be the future version control tool we will be using at work and we still have some projects stored in svn. I wanted to try out git but we are not about to convert the old projects just yet.

First I needed to check out the current code from svn and get it into git. I searched the net for how this was done and found something that cloned the entire svn repository to git… not quite what I needed but nice to know:

git svn clone svn:// git_htdocs

The above takes the project htdocs from my current svn repository and saves it locally into git repository in the folder git_htdocs.

I just wanted to start hacking so I found that the following fetched the code I wanted:

mkdir git_htdocs
cd git_htdocs
git svn init svn://

Now you are ready to actually fetch some code from svn with:

git svn fetch -r1519

I found the revision I needed (the newest) by issuing a svn info within my old svn checkout.

Make your changes and commit locally with:

git commit lib/class.csv_import.php

When ready to push changes back to the central svn repository use:

git svn dcommit

To keep your local git checkout in sync with the upstream svn repository you can run:

git svn rebase

This article was great reading for me: An introduction to git-svn for Subversion/SVK users and deserters

Happy hacking :D

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