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I have been planing to put a file section on my website for some time now. Earlier I just posted files in my weblog but evntually they dissapear into the archives of the weblog and therefore not easily accessable. From now on I will put files in my new file section if their relevance is beyond a single post in my blog.

For the file section I have found some code on phpclasses. The FileDB class stores and retrives files from a database and the class uses the AnyDB class which is a compatibility layer which allows you to use all sorts of databases (I use MySQL).

To celebrate the opening of my new section I have posted my first fileā€¦ The logo in svg. After spending many hours looking for this logo in the SVG format I got the EPS version taken from Version 1.1 Logos and CD Materials converted by a friend in Adobe Illustrator (AI). AI was capeable of doing this without errors unlike pstoedit. Se my post: logo.

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