One laptop comming up

After working alot on-site I found it necessary to buy a laptop. My top demands for a laptop ordered by importance:

I had a hard time choosing between an Apple Powerbook and IBM Thinkpad but I ended up with a IBM X40 Thinkpad with 512MB RAM 8 cell battery (7.5 hours working time). It also has a build in wireless card supporting the a, b, and g standard, a 10/100/1000 ethernet card and bluetooth. What more can a geek like me wish for :)

Apple is also cool and I relly - I mean RELLY like the look and feel of a Power Book and OSX. Apple have great taste in style, and I just love the eye-candy. Now GNU/Linux and GNOME have to do… not that thats going to be a problem, me beeing a Linux and GNOME lover ;)