Debian Sarge on IBM X40 howto - Part 8: Wireless (Take 3)

I wanted to update my kernel to the 2.6.8 kernel but I had some troubles compiling the Madwifi source code because a change in the kernel source code. I found a patch for the 2.6.8 kernel (only) and a Howto for applying the patch.

In my search around the net for info on my laptop, I found out how to enable the led that indicates activity on the wireless card. Before compiling the driver you have to set an environmental variable:


Now that I recompiled the driver anyway I enabled the variable and BINGO… now my led lights up as soon the driver is loaded. And thats just the half of it… sometimes it also blinks ;) Though I havn’t testet it under heavy load (to test if the blinking increases under heavy traffic). HURRAY… I have an extra led blinking on my laptop.

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