Debianart using Smarty... soon

I have started rewriting to use the Smarty template engine. I gives me better overview of the coding and it also provides me with tools which helps me create a better website. Although I have already encountered a few quirks with it. I had trouble concating smarty variables with smarty variables and text strings with smarty variables within a smarty function. I use the Smarty plugin: PNG image with Alpha Transparency to display PNG images with transparency in IE.

Here is my ugly workaround. Notice the ‘src’ and ‘extra’ parameter:

{* It have to be possible to do this better... but for now it will suffice *}
{* It seems to impossible to call modifiers / functions from within a function
   and at the same time concat with a string, with default modifies / functions *}
{* concat is a custom plugin *}
{assign var="thumb_title" value=$submission.file_size|filesizeSize}
{png_image src="`$thumb_path``$submission.thumb`" Height="0" width="0"
 alt="Thumb for `$submission.file_name`"
 extra='class=\"thumb" title="File size '|concat:$thumb_title|concat:'"'}
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