Sound-Juicer and MP3 in Ubuntu Breezy

After my success with installing Ubuntu Breezy I wanted to rip 2 new CD’s I got today. But the gstreamer MP3 encoder (gstreamer0.8-lame) isn’t in the Ubuntu repositories.

I found it at Marillat’s Debian repository (direct link) where I downloaded it and installed it with:

rivendell:~# dpkg -i gstreamer0.8-lame_0.8.10-0.1_i386.deb

You also need the package liblame0, which is in multiverse:

rivendell:~# apt-get install liblame0

In the Sound-Juicer in Breezy you can add a MP3 profil from within Sound-Juicer preferences. You might wanna take a look at an earlier entry about MP3 ripping in Sound-Juicer in my blog.

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