World of Warcraft working in Linux with WINE

A few days ago I tired to get World of Warcraft to work under Linux using WINE (Not WineX - now know as Cadega). Installing the game was a success. Though some buttons was missing their text I pulled myself through. A while back I expirenced an annoying problem while installing a game (I cant remember which or when). I was prompted to change CD but WINE locked the drive, so I was unable to unmount the drive (at least I think WINE was the problem). Anyway I don’t care if it was WINE, Ubuntu or whoever fixed it, now it just works!

After installation I started the game with the opengl parameter which is neassesary for the game to run:

je@rivendell:~$ wine c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/WoW.exe -opengl

I heard that they are pretty close at having the DirectX9 implementation in a state where it is possible to play WoW with that.

Starting the game I was greeted with the well know login screen (a least for people regulary playing - Those who rarely or don’t play at all or those who never logs out (yes there are a few those also) might recall this screen as a blur?!?)

When I logged in a patch was downloaded with a peer-to-peer program which also just worked. The patch was applied without any trouble (again only some bottons was missing their text).

At my second login I was forced to patch again… but this time the patch program crashed and after e few tries I gave up :-( This morning I saw that the WINE release 20050310 had ben packaged for Debian in WINEs Debian repository, see my earlier post.

I tried again and now it just worked. I experience a few problems though:

Are you still reading… go play your farvorite game on your farvorite OS :-D

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