Sid Meier's Pirates with WINE

A few days ago i tried to make Sid Meiers Pirates run again with WINE.

As usual when trying to install the game I got the following:

Well that didn’t stop me this time. I started to copy Pirates from my Windows XP partition to my fake WINE Windows drive (notice the cool new GNOME 2.12 copy dialog.

Now I tried to start Pirates again but this time I got a message about missing 2 dll files:

You can find them by searching on Google

I copied the files to my fake Windows’ system folder ie. /home/je/c/windows/system.

Finally I applied a No-CD-patch and was now able to start the game, where I was greeted by a… black screen for a long time.

I’m serious…. a VERY long time.

I’m telling you - it’s still there ;)

Then finally I was presented with the title menu. YEAH!

I think I fiddled a little with some settings before I dared try starting the game. Now a long waiting time again. But you don’t wanna go fetch coffe because you want to see this ;)

Woah, I see an ingame movie… cool. I was so quickly taking the screenshot, that the menu didn’t get time to disappear. They call my Lucky Luke ;-)

I’m actaully able to choose with whom I want to got to the new world. The grey man was a little to creepy so England it was.

Long wait time…. again, and no movie of me fighting the captain - perhaps I accidentally hit a key, dunno. Well suddenly I saw a little ship sailing and joy filled my body - YES!… and before I knew it the game had crashed. :-( Perhaps tweaking with the video setting and stuff might make the game somewhat playable :-)

The few screenshots I created was worth it all. See you on the other side.

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