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The future of Gnome 3 - If I had something to say

I like that fact that development of towards Gnome 3.0 seem to be minimal but realistic. Preparing the platform for ease of development will pay off in the other end. I think they are focusing the energy the right places to get off the ground.


Hacking Wordpress MU - Part 3

I found the first problem with running this Wordpress installation on multiple domains. The installation generates a .htaccess filen in the installation directory. This won’t work when the blogs are in differet directory levels.


converting video to flv with gst-launch

I had quite some trouble finding a way to convert an avi video file to flv. I really wanted to use gstreamer since it had worked very well for me for other conversions in the past. The reason for this conversion was that I had a video on my digital Canon camera (in avi format) and I wanted to publish it on the web using the defacto standard… flash video (flv).