Problems with VM Ware 1.0.1 on Edgy Eft

The bug I blogged about in a previous post seems to be known. I googled on the the problem and found a few links which seems to describe my exact problem. The good thing is that there is a work around. I’ll try this later.

Hope it gets fixed soon :)

Update: I found out why VMware wouldn’t start and made a post about it.

A few problems with my newly installed Edgy


After installing Edgy Eft a couple of days ago I noticed a weird behavior of Network Manager. My wireless card was identified as a wired network card after resuming from suspend. Today I got some time to search for the bug on Launchpad and it seems it is a known bug:

Anyways I added my comments, and will be following it closely.

Update: It seems there is a fix for the bug… I’m running with it now, and so far it seems fine.


Update: I found out why VMware wouldn’t start and made a post about it.

I haven’t been able to get VMware up and running yet. I get this error when trying to start VMware:

je@rohan:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/vmware start
VMware Server is installed, but it has not been (correctly) configured
for the running kernel. To (re-)configure it, invoke the
following command: /usr/bin/

The modules have been compiled for my current kernel and I’m sure it has been compiled with the same gcc version (if that have any effect?).

My kernel:

uname -a
Linux rohan 2.6.17-9-generic #2 SMP Fri Sep 22 10:41:59 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux

Installed headers:

dpkg -l |grep linux-headers-2.6.17-9-generic
ii  linux-headers-2.6.17-9-generic            2.6.17-9.23

Kernel info:

cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.6.17-9-generic (root@rothera) (gcc version 4.1.2 20060920 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.1-13ubuntu3)) #2 SMP Fri Sep 22 10:41:59 UTC 2006 (Ubuntu 2.6.17-9.23-generic)

Compiler is gcc 4.1, which is the only one I have installed at the moment:

ls -l /usr/bin/gcc
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 2006-09-23 03:37 /usr/bin/gcc -> gcc-4.1

Running /usr/bin/ as root (with sudo) doesn’t report any errors. The install seems to be exactly like on Dapper.

I really cant figure out why it doesn’t work. But besides these 2 things, Edgy is looking great. I feel suspend and resume is a bit faster than with Dapper. Startup and login is faster. All other things looks the same to me… and that isn’t a bad thing :)

Storm Trooper... WTF

I guess Storm Troopers need to take a dump sometimes also… or what he is doing :-D

LinuxParty 2006 and Ubuntu Edgy

Last night (this very early morning) I installed Edgdy Eft Knot 3 on my laptop at LinuxParty 2006 in Roskilde. Tried a network upgrade first… which fucked up totally. Then I trashed my entire system partition and used the live installer…. which worked out great.

For a moment I ran the kernel: 2.6.17-8-generic with which I experienced a problem with suspend (or resume). After I resumed my laptop my screen wasn’t redrawn correctly. After upgrading to 2.6.17-9-generic I haven’t experienced it since… but I haven’t tested it enough to say it is actually gone :)

The new power manager is soo cool :-D

When I’m on battery, LCD dimmed down and Bluetooth and Wireless turned of I only use 6-7W. Really fun to tru out different stuff and watch the graph.

So far the upgrade to Edgy works like a charm… though I still need to get VM-Ware and Citrix Meta Frame installed, but I don’t suspect it to give any trouble.

Where did all my time go?

… down a drain called World of Warcraft.

As a few people have pointed out, I havn’t blogged for some time now. I spend most my evenings playing World of Warcraft and havn’t really used my spare time on all sorts Open Source stuff as I used to.

This is my character so far. It is actually now pretty easy to get WoW running under Linux with WINE.

But at work I have tried to update our Instiki installation to the newest 0.11 version which wasn’t as easy as it may sound. I finally got all the old stuff migrated and all seemed to work until we tried to proxy from our DMZ to the internal Instiki wiki. Instiki didn’t like that… I is some time ago now so I dont have the error message. But if I stumble upon it I’ll put it here.

Instead I found a Media Wiki altered by MindTouch called dekiwiki.

The cool thing about that wiki is they made a page where you can get you own public readable wiki, I already made my own at Not much for you guys, but now have a place for all my notes and shit which usually just lie around on my disk until it dissappears in all the other mess.