Ubuntu Dapper Drake on my IBM X40

I installed Dapper Drake on my laptop and it went pretty well. At the time of writing it isn’t released as stable yet. I didn’t make a clean install but jut upgraded my current Breezy installation.

The first thing I noticed was the my SD card reader started working. YAY - kudos to the developer(s) how made that happen. Even if you dont use Ubuntu you should be able make it work on you machine too, because it was an addition in kernel 2.6.15 which now supports the SD card reader in IBM’s X40 (which is a Ricoh R5C822). I dunno which other SD card readers now work but take a look at this site

The reason I upgraded to Dapper was because I hoped that the problems with using an external monitor (or projector) would be solved. As you might have guessed they where not. Instead I found a SourceForge project: intel 855GM crt video out driver. This is a small program which can enable ad disable the extarnal monitor port. I works very well, and I can now use my laptop for presentations now that I can have both my laptop screen and the extarnal monitor enbaled at the same time.

A little bonus I got from upgrading Ubuntu was:

  • Speedups in GNOME which I can feel (not much, but they are there)
  • Firefox 1.5, yay - tab reordering
  • Gedit can now save files to remote locations trasparent via gnome-vfs (ie. ssh)
  • Better performance with gnome-terminal
  • Quicker startup time (I dont use that much because I usually just suspends my laptop to RAM) Important: Right now suspend doesn’t work right. It seems alot faster to suspend and resume but redraws of the screen totally fucks up after resume. Ie. scrolling on a homepage or moveing windows is behaving very weird. I’m planning to try installing from the flight 5 CD’s to test if it has something to do with my upgrade from Breezy.

LinuxForum follow up

2 weeks ago I attended LinuxForum both as a exhibitor with my work (Casalogic) and as a speaker. For my speach I takled about Windows integration through Samba. This was my first time talking infront of so many people and I was very nervous. Anyway I think it went very well, even thought I had trouble keeping in within the time frame. There is always something to improve but there always is. I think I can do it alot better next time, and I would like the chance to talk more in-depth about Samba and Active Directory integration. Though - first I’d like to play more with it, so I’m prepared for questions and detailed explanations.

You can find the slides I used for my presentation on the LinuxForum 2006 (slides) homepage

LinuxForum gave all speakers a little present: A Cordless screwdriver with the LinuxForum 2006 logo printed on it. VERY COOL.

Sitting on a train

Last friday I got a new computer. After gotten my girlfriend to play World of Warcraft we suddenly found ourselves in the dilemma: 2 people wanting to play but only one computer… mine. I took the consequence and bought a new one - a Shuttle. A really cool little fukka for me - and the old one for her :-)

A first I thought that it would take her a long time to figure it all out but she seems to has gotten a hold of all the keys and stuff really fast. She always says that she is to stupid to play games and for while she had me convinced. I usually thinks that one can learn anything, if you set your mind to it… and now she proven me right.

Right now I’m sitting in a train on my way to Randers, 4 hours from where I live with train. I have some work there tomorrow and have left my girlfriend at home (propably playing World of Wracraft). No worries, she told me that she had made her homework before I went out the door ;-)

I have just finished the movie “Sound of Thunder” - like Triumph would have put it: CRAP! Seriously, I mean it. The story wasn’t convincing, the acting was bad and the effects was really bad. Well I killed some time in the train. I saw a WoW movie about taking down Razor from BWL… Gloin now I’m prepared ;-)

More consistensy in GNOME

Since last time I blogged I have filed another consistensy bug for GNOME… but it seems people confuse consistensy with a specific behavior. The Nautilus sorting bug is about having Nautilus, File Roller, Open/Save File Dialog and others to sort list of files the same way - not a specific way… just the same way. The Gedit and gnome-terminal bug is about using the same keyboard shortcut keys for shifting between tabs - not a specific key combination.

Both bugs are made dupes of other bugs IMHO isn’t the same bug… it might be related but still it is NOT the same bug.

It seems to me that people are more interested in getting rid of bug reports that understand what the bug is acutally about. In my eyes it looks like people are trying to push responsibillity away. I don’t care if it is GTK’s “problem” or what ever. If you think it is GTK problem the file the bug with GTK… or encurage me to do it - I wouldn’t mind. My problem is that I’m not into how all this bug repoting works (when crossing the boundaries of a single project). I feel insecure and afraid of doing it all wrong. Comon lets get a dialog started - help me help you.

This post was an other way to say that I’m disappointed :-(

New battery for X40

The last 4 months my battery life on my laptop has becomming really bad. Mid december it died after a year and four months of good service. Last week I ordered and recieved a new one - yay!

Right now I’m sitting in the train on my way home from work. Just finished watching the movie “You got served” on my laptop - a street dance movie. I can only say one thing… they surely know how to move :-)