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Wiki with Markdown

After I stumbled upon the cool Markdown syntax and the Markdown text parser, some time ago. I have been looking for a wiki system which uses this cool syntax. We use a wiki system at work to document customer setups in, and a wiki with a decent syntax would be nice. A guy has made PHP Markdown an port of Markdown to PHP and I hoped it would be easy to find a wiki system using markdown syntax. So far I only found Instiki who lives up to this demand fully, which works very well under Ubuntu. Other wikis - like DokuWiki - are able to use markdown as a rendering plugin but it never feels fully integraded. With DokuWiki you need to wrap you text in tags like this:



I really wanted to attend GUADEC but the trip gets to expensive because I don’t have a car. I’m really interested in the GNOME development not to mention Ubuntu which uses GNOME as base for the desktop. I had planned to go with 2 friends (and colleauges) of mine, and I know the trip would have been awsome. My boss even gave me 2 free days off so I could attend the conference in worktime. I really hope the GUADEC people do something extra for all of us who wont be able to attend on location.