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World of Warcraft under WINE update

Just wanted to say that now magically danish special characters works. Dunno what I did ( or didn’t ), and I don’t care. My good friend Pierre (I wish I had a link I could throw at you) told me that I can use “Num Lock” to make activate autorun. So now World of Warcraft pretty much works just like in Windows.


World of Warcraft working in Linux with WINE

A few days ago I tired to get World of Warcraft to work under Linux using WINE (Not WineX - now know as Cadega). Installing the game was a success. Though some buttons was missing their text I pulled myself through. A while back I expirenced an annoying problem while installing a game (I cant remember which or when). I was prompted to change CD but WINE locked the drive, so I was unable to unmount the drive (at least I think WINE was the problem). Anyway I don’t care if it was WINE, Ubuntu or whoever fixed it, now it just works!


MP3 encoding with Sound-Juicer

Countless times have I struggled with MP3 encoding under Linux. I seems for an eternity now. Every single time I had to fall back on the same #¤@?-ing console based ripping with abcde. And if it hadn’t been that abcde is a great ripping tool, the pain that this problem have caused me wouldn’t be describable.