A thing I dont like about Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10

When I install a server I usually make a minimal install and put on the software which is needed for the task the machine is to perform. Less packages which needs security updates the better IMO. Today I was setting up a heartbeat cluster on a SLES10. When the heartbeat package is installed the system also installs shaitloads of other packages like gtk pango and some X-libs… and I simply dont get why?!?

It feels so Windows like…. eeeeekkk.

Sorry just had to get it out.

Merry Christmas

This have been an awesome Christmas. I didn’t really realize that Christmas was upon us until December the 22. when my and my girlfriend headed for Jutland to spend Christmas with my side of the family. Work have been stressing in December, so when I got home I didn’t have the energy to think of Christmas. Anyways…now it is over :)

My girlfriend gave me one of the best gifts ever: Nintendo Wii

And my little sister and her boyfriend gave me: Rayman Raving Rabbits

Just wanted to wish my readers a merry Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS.

HOWTO install smbldap-tools on SLES10

You can download smbldap-tools from their homepagedon’t!

If have searched yast for smbldap-tools, you will probably (like me) have found nothing. I tried to install the platform independent RPM package. Only to find that I was missing:

perl(Unicode::MapUTF8) is needed by smbldap-tools

Well there is not specific package for smbldap-tools for SLES 10… but I found that the perl scrips is included in the samba-doc package. After you have installed the samba-doc package, you will be able to find somewhere like this:


The version might vary when new service packs arrive.

Now copy the the following files to /usr/local/sbin/:


And copy the following configuration files to /etc/smbldap-tools:


From here you are on your own :)

Ubuntu (and Linux in general) proving its worth

Yesterday I updated my kernel on my laptop after a record uptime (for me on my laptop anyways ;)):

16:26:58 up 42 days,  7:21,  3 users,  load average: 1.12, 1.46, 1.04

42 days without an update to the kernel in Ubuntu… I dunno if thats good or bad. But one thing that is really cool is that in all this time I used my suspend to ram function, and the laptop haven’t died on me once. It occasionally did in all the previous versions of Ubuntu. So I just wanna send a kudos to the developers.

Whenever the update manager notifies me about upgrades I usually just install it, though with a kernel update I try to push it to avoid rebooting. But this time I was excited because I noticed that the kernel apparently had a fix for the bug reading large SD cards I mentioned in an earlier post.

I can confirm that this is now fixed… YAY!

Anyways… im now gonna put an encrypted file system on the SD card for my gpg key, ssh key, VPN keys etc. I hope I can give it another label as well.

Howto enable Unix Attributes in Windows 2003 R2

With the latest version of Windows Server 2003 R2 it is no longer needed to install Windows Services for UNIX, since this is now a part of Windows Server 2003, though not enabled by default.

To enable it open Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. Now click on Add/Remove Windows Components. Double click on Active Directory Services and select Identity Management for Unix.

After this… surprise… you have to restart the Windows Server :-D

Now you should be able to see the “Unix Attributes”-tab when looking on properties for a user.