Yesterday I went to a birthday (grill) party held be a friend of mine from university. I was a great party eventhough it rained and mainly boys attended. Well I had a lot of fun, and a few beers :-D

I talked to a guy there who manages a floorball team on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. I will try to pull myself together and contact him and start playing. I have been talking about finding a floorball team for a long time now.

I hope I have the time to both keep dancing breakdance and playing floorball, but if I have to choose breakdance is my priority.

Ever biched over IE not being able to use transparent PNG's?

Well I have!!

Some days ago I found a link to a hack on Jakub ‘jimmac’ Steiner’s homepage.

I have now made a function in PHP which automaticaly uses this workaround in IE. Take a look at the code below.

$localDocumentRoot = str_replace($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],

//$image is an array
/* This is a hack to use PNG transparentsy in IE */
function transparentImage($image, $ie) {
  global $localDocumentRoot;
  //The str_replace makes sure that images with spaces is also recognized
  $imageFile = getimagesize( str_replace(' ','%20',
  $localDocumentRoot.$image['src'] ) );
  if($ie) {


style=" filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.\AlphaImageLoader(src='',
sizingMethod='scale');" > </div>

<img src=""



//Now run the function
$image['src'] = "/gallery/image.png";
$image['id'] = "unique_image";
$image['class'] = "image";
$image['alt'] = "Image example with transparent PNG images";
$image['title'] = "Tooltip for image";

transparentImage($image, true);

Tomorrow I will take a look at this post to make sure that I havet posted shitty code ;) Perhapes I can find a way so that Serendipity doesn’t fuck with the layout?!

Pixel failuer - WTF!?!

Yesterday I recieved my my TFT monitor which I had been looking forward to all day. While I unwrapped this super slim eight wonder of the world I thought: “This really rocks”!

And I did… until I discovered a pixel error on the monitor :(

Monday I will send it back and order a new one :-/

New monitor for my desktop

Finnaly I pulled myself together and found a TFT monitor. I have looked on severel but I ended up buying a Samsung 172X because it think it was the best preforming and looking monitor I could find for the price. The Samsung 710T was also a candidate with slightly better specs but it looked ugly IMO.

My new TFT monitor is to replace my old CRT Samsung SyncMaster 959NF which still works. But it is quite big and after the last netparty I attended it got a scratch :-(

I’m looking forward to friday where it should arrive :-D

Debianart.dk up and running

Well the Debian Art site is online. It still needs a lot of work but now we have a base to work on :) My three first wallpapers is ready for download.

What are you waiting for?