Debian Sarge on IBM X40 howto - Part 2: Battery monitor

After I had a console which worked correctly I installed the usual stuf like: ssh less modconf emacs21

Then I installed GNOME with the following

apt-get install x-windows-system gnome-core gdm

… and waited a little.

Autoconfiguring my harware didn’t work but after replacing the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 with the content from a guide found on it worked like a charm.

Now I wanted a graphical battery indicator and I added “Utility” -> “Battery Charge Monitor” to my GNOME panel. But an error occured after adding it to my panel: “Can’t access ACPI events in /var/run/acpid.socket!”

apt-get install acpid

Solved the problem.

Debian Sarge on IBM X40 howto - Part 1: Keymap

After installing a clean Sarge system from an USB key with some of the nightly builds of the new Debian installer I ran into the first troubles. My keyboard didn’t function properly… even though I could write danish characters like “æøå”, I wasn’t able to shift through the virtual consoles with (Ctrl+Alt+F1 - F6).

dpkg-reconfigure console-data

revealed that the “specific keymap” was set to “Apple USB”. changing this to “Standard” helped.

IBM X40 arrived

Today (or yesterday because it is early morning) my IBM X40 laptop arrived. There is no CD-ROM drive within it so I used an USB stick to install Debian Sarge which installed with no problems. I used a guide on found on Debian-Installer website. I have also checked on for info about my new laptop.

I deletede Windows XP and the IBM rescue partition… though no CD-ROM’s with this software came along with the laptop. I’ll have to find out how to get it back… not because I’m going to use it but now that I payed for it I’ll like to have it :)

No I’m off to bed… got a though day tomorrow. I’m on a crappy organized assignment (partly my own fault) and I think I’m starting to grow grey hair because I’m missed my beauty sleep for some days now.

One laptop comming up

After working alot on-site I found it necessary to buy a laptop. My top demands for a laptop ordered by importance:

  • quality
  • 12" screen
  • long battry time
  • not to heavy (well not many if any 12" laptops are)
  • style

I had a hard time choosing between an Apple Powerbook and IBM Thinkpad but I ended up with a IBM X40 Thinkpad with 512MB RAM 8 cell battery (7.5 hours working time). It also has a build in wireless card supporting the a, b, and g standard, a 10/100/1000 ethernet card and bluetooth. What more can a geek like me wish for :)

Apple is also cool and I relly - I mean RELLY like the look and feel of a Power Book and OSX. Apple have great taste in style, and I just love the eye-candy. Now GNU/Linux and GNOME have to do… not that thats going to be a problem, me beeing a Linux and GNOME lover ;)

Stressing of after working late on a saturday

Saturday was spent working the entire day (and some of the night too). I wasn’t home until 1.00 AM sunday morning. Even thought you should think so I didn’t sleep that well. I wasn’t sure if I would be called to work again today. Nobody have called me yet telling me ‘the house’ is on fire so I’m beginning to relax.

A few hours of Metriod Prime has also helped :)